• Commercial Realtor Saves Time and Brings Resources to the Deal

    Date: 04/10/2017
    Leasing or renewing a commercial space consumes time and requires solid market knowledge, experience and resources.   Add on the possible variations and multiple types of leasing agreements and professional guidance is needed to navigate through complicated deal structures. A trusted commercial realtor will help you determine the type of space and location that meets current and future business goals.  He or she can do the legwork in scouting locations, setting up tours, following through on communication with all involved parties and commence negotiations on your behalf.  When a deal meets your business needs, your commercial realtor stays involved through signing legal documents and will work with other professionals to ensure a smooth and successful move to the new space.  MyCompanyTrader was founded on the belief that establishing trust is the most significant component of relationship building that can lead to completed deals and future business.   Linking our connections and relationships brings more opportunities. MyCompanyTrader’s user-friendly and secure service connects buyers with sellers, business brokers, commercial realtors and other professionals involved in a sale.   MyCompanyTrader is launching this new service by offering the first, three months for free with no risk and the ability to cancel anytime. Start your Free 90-day-trial with the code: TRADER90.  
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  • MyCompanyTrader Connects Commercial Real Estate Market

    Date: 03/29/2017

    New statistics from the SBA show that in America the small business sector occupies 30–50% of all commercial space, an estimated 20-34 billion square feet with over 500,000 new ones added monthly. Furthermore, the Business Journal’s latest SMB Insight Study, fielded in January 2017, indicate small and mid-sized business owners having a positive outlook on the future success of their companies (based on revenue, profitability and growth for next two years).  Now is the time to buy a business, start a new venture or increase your sales and profits in your current company.  MyCompanyTrader is launching a new service to connect the commercial real estate market and offers the first, three months for free with no contract.  Start your free 90-day-trial with the code: TRADER90

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  • Increase Leads, Sales & Completed Deals on MyCompanyTrader

    Date: 01/30/2017 offers an interactive, bundled set of services to anyone involved in the buying or selling of a business that combines safety and privacy, the ability to share on multiple social media sites and all within a very user-friendly interface.  Buyers, sellers and associated professionals including business brokers, commercial realtors, accountants, business appraisers, architects, broker agents, business attorneys, designers, insurance agents and underwriters, real estate agents and finance advisors can all connect in one place to start, manage and complete the deal.  Within this list of involved professionals there are commonalities including the need to generate leads and sales while protecting what are most valuable…relationships.  Establishing credibility, favor and trust should be at the center of all relationships for successful outcomes and for growing circles of connections.  Start increasing your connections, leads and sales today by joining MyCompanyTrader with a no-risk, no-contract membership that is FREE to start!
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  • Benefits of a Business Broker

    Date: 03/21/2016
    Data and information has achieved a level of velocity that requires processing in order to be made relevant and useful.  A Business Broker has access to contacts and resources to analyze all of the variables that account for pricing a business and works them into presentable documents.  Sorting through a client list of contacts that are already looking to buy into specific markets and pre-qualifying potential buyers are invaluable services that are offered.  Negotiating skills are at the forefront of ensuring that the outcome is a win-win for both the Seller and the Buyer.  Business Brokers excel at keeping everyone moving forward.  Coaching the Buyer through any financing or lending that may take place and often providing contacts with bankers or lenders to complete the deal. 
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  • Buy a Business on MyCompanyTrader

    Date: 03/10/2016
    Are you ready for the satisfaction, creative freedom and the potential of a huge payoff that comes with being the owner of a business?  Are you comfortable with a higher level of risk, already have a vision and are looking for an empty space to create your dream?  MyCompanyTrader makes it simple to start searching by location.  Want a more moderate level of risk by buying an existing business with cash flow, employees, assets and structure already in place?  MyCompanyTrader provides access to professionals who present the facts upfront in a user-friendly format.  Sign up today for a FREE TRIAL with no contract and start making more deals happen in less time.
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  • Sell your Business on MyCompanyTrader

    Date: 02/09/2016
    When you are planning an exit strategy from a business, the first question that will be asked is why you are selling.  Good reasons would include not having successors, seeking another opportunity or lifestyle change (ex. Retirement).  For many business owners the decision to seek out interested buyers is an emotionally charged process.  You may have employees and customers that are friends, even family and those relationships are part of the equation.  If you are also selling real estate or a bricks-and-mortar location; then there is most likely a strong bond with the actual space.  A "Transition Plan" will be an invaluable starting point on the path to a successful sale.  What you want to sell is a healthy business that is operating at its optimum levels so it is continuing to generate profits.  If you are ready to list and market your business; then you have found the place at MyCompanyTrader to do so in a user-friendly and secure space.  Your business can be searched by industry or location and can be seen by local, national and global buyers.  Join today and start making more deals happen in less time. 
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