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Date: 01/30/2017 offers an interactive, bundled set of services to anyone involved in the buying or selling of a business that combines safety and privacy, the ability to share on multiple social media sites and all within a very user-friendly interface.  Buyers, sellers and associated professionals including business brokers, commercial realtors, accountants, business appraisers, architects, broker agents, business attorneys, designers, insurance agents and underwriters, real estate agents and finance advisors can all connect in one place to start, manage and complete the deal.  Within this list of involved professionals there are commonalities including the need to generate leads and sales while protecting what are most valuable…relationships.  Establishing credibility, favor and trust should be at the center of all relationships for successful outcomes and for growing circles of connections.  Start increasing your connections, leads and sales today by joining MyCompanyTrader with a no-risk, no-contract membership that is FREE to start!

Plan for Increased Business 
Good systems make plans happen; manage time, territory, accounts and exposure to increase leads and sales.  Technology has given so many tools, sites and trackers to put systems in place, however, managing to many can lead to feeling overwhelmed and missed opportunities.  If you are new to one of these industries or looking to get a fresh start this year; try writing out a narrative to plan and prepare.  A Narrative is a piece of writing that flows in a story or essay form.  When presented with detailed rows and columns of numbers it can be challenging to put those numbers into words that come across naturally.  When marketing your services; it is ideal to be able to describe what you offer in a natural way.  

Free Write to get started: using action words and phrases that are meaningful and that describe business or concept
Examples & Stories: Proof of Concept or positive referrals can be written out with details – any anecdotal evidence that can be backed up by facts are powerful
Include your market, who your customers are, the benefits and solutions that you offer and why, short and long-term goals and why you will succeed
Once it is written out; then record it to hear your voice and practice so that in future marketing opportunities, meetings, conversations and pitches, it will flow in a natural way

In the book, “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone; he describes the process by which Bezos changed the way employees took the lead in meetings.  For a time, he ruled out PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets to present ideas in meetings.  Instead the Ideas had to be written out in Narratives that were then passed out to everyone at the start of the meeting.  Everyone read it first in silence, it was then presented by the writer and freely discussed.  This is a method that could be used to try something different and breath fresh life into your next work meeting.

Focus on Client 
Before a face-to-face meeting, you will want to know as much about your potential client or company as possible.  Time spent researching their business and bios will help narrow the specific needs, opportunities and solutions that you could offer.  Now that you have planned, prepared and know what you offer; the focus should be on your potential client.  It is roughly estimated that over 50% of communicating involves NonVerbal Cues – messages expressed through gestures, posture and expressions.  If possible, start with open-ended questions that require a narrative for an answer. Questioning and Listening are communication skills that can help uncover your potential client’s needs, motivations, business climate and goals. As your thoughtful questions lead to conversation and dialog; pay careful attention to their verbal cues.  If someone’s face lights up with interest on a certain point – stay on it longer.  See a “turning away” – move away from the topic.  Frowning, Smiling, Nodding head, Fidgeting and of course, eye-contact are all clues that should guide your conversation.  No matter what direction the meeting takes; you are more likely to be remembered with favor if you focus on the other person.  Being remembered as likable, competent and credible will allow you to build up the goodwill and trust to follow-up, move a deal forward, set-up future business or lead to additional connections/referrals. 

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