MyCompanyTrader Connects Commercial Real Estate Market

Date: 03/29/2017

New statistics from the SBA show that in America the small business sector occupies 30–50% of all commercial space, an estimated 20-34 billion square feet with over 500,000 new ones added monthly.  Furthermore, the Business Journal’s latest SMB Insight Study, fielded in January 2017, indicate small and mid-sized business owners having a positive outlook on the future success of their companies (based on revenue, profitability and growth for next two years).  This is one of the highest levels of confidence recorded in nine years.  The definition of business confidence according to Financial Times/lexicon is an “economic indicator that measures the amount of optimism or pessimism that business owners/managers feel about the prospects of their companies.  It also provides an overview of the state of the economy.”  

Now is the time to buy a business, start a new venture or increase your sales and profits in your current company.  Data, hard numbers and abilities to track this wealth of information, along with global connectivity inside of gadgets that fit in your hand is now a reality.  It also gives us the ability to connect and start the relationships that are at the center of all business activities including customers, investors, partners, suppliers and employees.  Linking our connections and relationships increases value and brings more opportunities.  MyCompanyTrader’s user-friendly and secure service connects buyers with sellers, business brokers, commercial realtors and other professionals involved in a sale including accountants, appraisers, architects, broker agents, business attorneys, designers, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial advisors.   MyCompanyTrader is launching this new service by offering the first, three months for free with no risk and the ability to cancel anytime. Start your free 90-day-trial with the code: TRADER90.  One sign-up gives you Free Advertising for three months with exposure on multiple social media outlets and the opportunity to choose links to websites, contact information and valuable opportunities to post photos and get more deals done. Bonus offers and success stories will be offered to early members…so share, network, connect and join today!  

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