Commercial Realtor Saves Time and Brings Resources to the Deal

Date: 04/10/2017

Are you the Owner of a successful business that has outgrown your current space and are now faced with decisions to find a place with more square footage or opening a second location? In a recent report from the Washington Post, “U.S. consumer confidence has climbed to the highest level in more than 16 years.  Economists closely monitor the mood of consumers because their spending accounts for about 70 percent of U.S. economic activity.”  Additionally, the Business Journal’s latest SMB Insight Study, fielded in January 2017, indicate small and mid-sized business owners having a positive outlook on the future success of their companies (based on revenue, profitability and growth for next two years). Combine these two significant reports and now is the time to expand a business or start a new venture.  MyCompanyTrader introduces a new service to make the process of buying, selling and listing a small to mid-sized business into a simple, searchable and secure transaction with a growing database.  Designed as a user-friendly experience that connects buyers with sellers, business brokers, commercial realtors and other professionals involved in a sale or lease of commercial property.  MyCompanyTrader is the only place bringing this targeted business community within the commercial market space together in one place.  

Commercial Realtors Guide Leasing Process for New Business

Believe you will save money by not hiring a commercial real estate broker for that lease on an office, retail or warehouse space?  The thought process behind this thinking may be if the owner or landlord of a commercial space wants a market rental rate of XX dollars per square foot and the brokers commission is YY percent; then not using a broker might reduce the rental rate.  A landlord is unlikely to strike a reduced deal structure by cutting out an agent’s commission.  Lowering rental rates for one tenant could affect the overall value of the building and create contentious negotiations with other tenants and the brokerage community overall.    Commercial real estate agents are typically paid a commission when a signed lease has been executed. The commission is usually paid by the Landlord of the commercial space and is generally paid one-half upon lease execution and one-half upon tenant occupancy.  Businesses seldom have to pay out-of-pocket for this commission.  Landlords usually budget in a 4% to 6% commission for the listing agent and tenant broker to split upon completion of the lease. Add on the possible variations and multiple types of leasing agreements and professional guidance is needed to navigate through complicated deal structures.  Finding a landlord and tenant match in commercial real estate requires a commercial real estate lease type that benefits both. The needs of the landlord are income from rent and the control of costs to assure a profit. The tenant wants to peg their rental costs as closely as possible also. Using the right type of lease, they can both satisfy their needs with a bit of negotiation at times.
Leasing or renewing a commercial space consumes time and requires solid market knowledge, experience and resources.  Hiring a commercial realtor will allow the business owner to focus on operating his or her current business at its optimum levels – including not displacing or disrupting employees, customers, suppliers and inventory.  A trusted commercial realtor will help you determine the type of space and location that meets current and future business goals.  He or she can do the legwork in scouting locations, setting up tours, following through on communication with all involved parties and commence negotiations on your behalf.  When a deal meets your business needs, your commercial realtor stays involved through signing legal documents and will work with other professionals to ensure a smooth and successful move to the new space.
MyCompanyTrader was founded on the belief that establishing trust is the most significant component of relationship building that can lead to completed deals and future business.  It will seek to reward those who uphold trust by posting success stories and testimonials.  Competition for recognition of your listings and services are increasing with advances in technology. Linking our connections and relationships brings more opportunities.  MyCompanyTrader’s user-friendly and secure service connects buyers with sellers, business brokers, commercial realtors and other professionals involved in a sale including accountants, appraisers, architects, broker agents, business attorneys, designers, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial advisors.   MyCompanyTrader is launching this new service by offering the first, three months for free with no risk and the ability to cancel anytime. Start your Free 90-day-trial with the code: TRADER90.  One sign-up gives you Free Advertising for three months with exposure on multiple social media outlets and the opportunity to choose links to websites, contact information and valuable opportunities to post photos and get more deals done. Bonus offers and success stories will be offered to early members…so share, network, connect and join today!

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